my free desktops for July are ready, only for your private use.

have fun while cooking delicious jams




Desktop Julyl 13  1600 x 1200

Desktop Julyl 13  1600 x 1200

Desktop July13 ipad

Desktop July13 ipad

Desktop July13 1600 x1200

Desktop July13 1280 x 1024

Desktop July13 1280 x 1024

Desktop July13  2048 x 1536

Desktop July13 1280 x 1024Desktop July13  2048 x 1536

Desktop July13  2048 x 1536

Desktop July 13 1920 x 1200

Desktop July 13 1856 x 1392

Desktop July 13 1856 x 1392

Desktop July 13 800 x 600

Desktop July 13 800 x 600

Desktop July 13  1080 x 1050

Desktop July 13  1080 x 1050


Hi,   I made those last year, but maybe you missed them out…printable Stickers for jam and savoury preserve, set up on a handy DIN A 4 Page to print and cut out:

preseve etiquettes by Elisandra

Freie Marmeladen und Chutney Sticker für euch! Einfach aud A4 Ausdrucken, ausschneiden, kleben…

viel Spass!  Elisandra

My virtual child character Emma Rose is available as a Calender now:


perky 4 year old Emma is curious and bright-minded  whirlwind, she talks to animals and has a brave little heart in her chest. Along with her black rabbit Raffke, that only she can see and that is invisible to most grown ups and her robin pal “Frau Berger” she masters many situations and undertakes little adventures that are mostly also a bit beyond grown ups`s applause, but always lead to Emma´s learning curve and better understanding of the world.

Actually I am working on the 2015 Emma Calender and there will also be a Emma book in some time…so we hope. My Friend Christian Heijmann is writing the 3rd Emma story right now. I will possible publish an Excerpt of it here soon.

Here is latest Emma “at work”

Emmas Rainbow 72

the calender is published at Weingarten Verlag  available at amazon and other online book stores,9783840060717,4a3f994d209955_3,emmas-zauberhafte-welt-2014

Mein virtueller Kindercharakter Emma Rose ist jetzt auch als Kalender erhältlich! “Emmas zauberhafte Welt” erschien im Wieingarten Verlag.

Emma, ein 4 jähriger kleiner Wirbelwind steckt voller neugieriger Fragen und geistreicher Einfälle, die die Erwachsenen manchmal an den Rand ihrers Verständnises treiben. Gemeinsam mit ihrem schwarzen Hasen Raffke, der für die Erwachsenen nicht sichtbar ist und ihrer geflügelten Freundin, dem Rotkelchen “Frau Berger, besteht sie Abenteuer die letztendlich immer dazu führen, dass ein Kind die Welt ein stückweit besser verstehen kann. Mein Freund Christian Heijmann schreibt schon an der dritten Emma Geschichte und wir hoffen dass es bals auch ein Buch mit Emma geben wird.



I usually don´t post many photos, don´t know why, maybe because I think people only expect illustrations from me. In any case, spring has arrived to Berlin, and it came a long way baby!

these are some impressions of  my last weekend.

Berlin Spring Compilation 72dpi

I forgot to mention that meanwhile I do work as a photographer too…

I have been sitting on illustrations about wine lately. Wine is as fascinating as perfume for me, because the multitude of different aromas, depending on lots of aspects. I will continue this series for sure.

The other topic was French Fries. Why? Well possibly because it was so cold lately, even it´s may (the coldest may ever) and one gets strange ideas :D.  I read that fries made in coconut oul are even healthy, yet I don´t know if this is true or not. In any case from time to time they are yummy…

Barolo 72dpi Riesling 72dpi

French Fries 72dpi

happy as a bird 72dpi

und finally the big Q

Bíg Q  klein

Those who know me, know my special connection to the Dutch magazine Flow. Every couple of month, they have an international Issue, it is Flow international, and in English. This international edition is the so called “best of” the years magazines and really very worth to read (and look at)

they are also offerinbg a downloadable Ipad version:

in this curren Flow Internatinal issue that is on sale, you also can find my illustrated Rumpot and preserve story with Recipes:


Howdy guys! Here are my free April desktop wallpapers, as usual. Only for you private use of course…please reblog if you like them.

In May there will be no desktops, I´m sorry, I´ll be on a trip.


ElisandraDesktop April 13  1080 x 1050

Desktop April 13  1600 x 1200

Desktop April 13 800 x 600

Desktop April 13 1280 x 1024

Desktop April 13 1856 x 1392

Desktop April 13 1856 x 1392

Desktop April 13 ipad

Desktop April13  2048 x 1536

as a few of you might now, I am working on a child book charakter. It is a little girl by the name of Emma Rose. The charakter was invented by me a couple of years ago, and is constantly developing. My boyfriend Christian Heymann is writing the stories, while I do the pictures. The newest, and second Emma story is “Emma and the snow trails”. Emma gets lost in the snowy landscape while feeding the birds. But with the help of her little friends, she figures out a way to get back to the house….

Emmer Cover 2 small

this is a new long term project I´m starting. After having illustrated vintage cameras for 2 years, I am starting something else, maybe more ambitious: I´m trying to illustrate famous parfumes, mostly of the old school kind. A good perfume is a “spirit in a bottle”, and can change the aura of the person wearing it.

My first will be “Femme” by Rochas, from the 1940ies. A bull and rich blend, and no way easy, it is for the strong and edgy, but femine ladies, big personalities. Among others it was worn by Hollywood sex icon Mae West, who was far more then a dumb blond. The fragrance has da deep and komplex aura, no one is making such perfumes these days. It reminds me of my grandmas cousin, an extraordinary woman who used to ride motrcycle and who sang at the oparette, with leagons of young suitor at her feet.

read some reviews on it, if you are interessted:

Perfume Portrait No1 small


you can get a print of this “Femme” perfume here: