I´s been a while my dears. I have not blogged since the very beginning of this year now. There have been multiple reasons for that, one of them is, that I was very busy, and hardly got my regular work done. Then, I must admit, I am not so keen on putting everything I do into the Internet any,  more, the days of my nativity are gone, gone , gone, big time! The reason is the discovery that everything I publish is copied somewhere, I had a lot of serious cases of copy catting going on, and sill am. It is a pity, but our Internet is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

What I have done among other things is a movie poster! I am very excited about this, the movie is coming into German Cinemas on May 8th and I hope it will be a great success. It is made by the German Director Benjamin Heisenberg. The genre of the movie is a mixture of comedy-double trouble-road movie. It is an intelligent comedy I´d say. The story includes  the friendship between 2 very different men, book thieves, a turbulent escape,and lots of hilarious humor and much more. By the time I developed the poster in cooperation with the director, the production and the distribution, in early January this year I saw the movie a couple of times. Right now, almost 4 month later, I am really happy to see it again, in the cinema and not only on my computer. The movie will be distributed in other countries then only Germany. The German title is “Über-ich und Du”, in English: “Superegos”

the idea was to have a different kind of movie poster, one that catches up with the movie posters of the 60ies, very simple and graphical, like the classics of that time “The man with the golden Arm”, movies of Jacques Tati and similar. I am very happy with the outcome, and the movie makes also.



Es ist eine Weile her dass ich zuletzt geblogt habe. Dafür gibt es viele Gründe, einer davon ist dass ich so viel zu tun hatte dass ich kaum hinterher komme. Der andere ist: ich habe begriffen dass ich nicht mehr alles was ich mache ins Internet stellen darf, die Jahre meiner Naivität diesbezüglich sind vorbei. Leider habe ich einige Fälle von Urheberrechtsschutz, im Prinzip wird alles irgendwo nach gemacht, von Leuten die nur darauf warten. Da ich von meiner Arbeit lebe, muss ich vorsichtiger sein. Das Internet ist Fluch und Segen zugleich.

Was ich aber unter anderem gemacht habe, ich ein Film Plakat. Für den Film “Über-ich und Du” des Deutschen Regisseurs Benjamin Heisenberg. Es ist Monate her jetzt dass ich daran gearbeitet habe (in Kooperation mit dem Regisseur, Verleih und Filmproduktion), es war damals Januar. Seit dem habe ich den Film, eine intelligente Komödie rund um die ungewöhnliche Freundschaft zweier Männer die unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten, nicht mehr gesehen, und freue mich jetzt richtig darauf ihn auf einer Kinoleinwand zu sehen.

Die Idee für das Plakat war, an die Filmplakat Tradition der 60er anzuknüpfen, als die Plakate noch künstlerisch, klar und grafisch waren. Heutzutage sieht man einheitsmässig getrimmte Filmplakate mit Gesichern der Superstars. Von daher knüpft das Plakat für “Über-ich und Du” an eine alte Tradition an, die hoffentlich wieder Schule machen wird.

Ich bin stolz auf dieses Projekt und freue mich jetzt total auf den Film! Auf der Webite seht ihr die Liste der Kinos in denen der Film laufen wird:


UIUD Grau 72 dpi


it is the first day of January 14 and I of course have made a new desktop for you. Before I post it, I want to say goodbye to the old year 2013, which was a very hard year for me concerning my personal life. In opposite to that I got lots of satisfaction out of my work. How ever it was, it is over now, and I am facing the new fresh year with lots of lessons learned, which is not bad at all! :)

I am wishing everyone a wonderful year 2014 full of thriving, love and success. May my new desktops inspire you to embrace the new opportunities coming.

Please use it for your private purpose only and have a lovely January :D

xo Elisandra

Desktop January 14   1600 x 1200

1600 x 1200

Desktop January 14   1856 x 1392

1600 x 1200

Desktop January 14   2048 x 1536


1600 x 1200

Desktop January 14  1080 x 1050

1600 x 1200

Desktop January 14  ipad


Desktop January 14 1280 x 1024

Desktop January 14 1920 x 1200

Desktop January 14 1920 x 1200

1920 x 1200

for you to download and install. Wishing you all a distressed season.

Desktop December 13  1080 x 1050

Desktop December 13 1080 x 1050.jpg

Desktop December 13  1600 x 1200

Desktop December 13 1080 x 1050.jpg

Desktop December 13 800 x 600

Desktop December 13 800 x 600.jpg

Desktop December 13 1280 x 1024

Desktop December 13 1280 x 1024.jpg

Desktop December 13 1920 x 1200

Desktop December 13 1920 x 1200.jpg

Desktop December13  2048 x 1536

Desktop December13 2048 x 1536.jpg

Desktop December13 ipad

Desktop December13 ipad.jpg

DesktopDecember 13 1856 x 1392

DesktopDecember 13 1856 x 1392.jpg

are ready for you. This time I did not put the calender, because it did not look good. Yet its still a very cute desktop decoration. Download and install (only for your private use of course), and enjoy the dreamtime .



Desktop November 13  1600 x 1200


Desktop November 13 800 x 600

Desktop November 13 1856 x 1392

Desktop November 13 800 x 600

Desktop November 13 ipad

Desktop November 13 1856 x 1392

Desktop November13  1080 x 1050

Desktop November13  1080 x 1050

Desktop November13  2048 x 1536

Desktop November13  2048 x 1536

Desktop November13 1920 x 1200

Desktop November13 1920 x 1200

Hi there,

I am so happy that this October turned out to be a golden and warm one. This is more then fair, regarding the fact that May this year was so cold and rainy. The first days of   October I have spent on the Island “El Hierro”  which is the smallest and far out of the Canary Islands. It´s also not easy to get there, which is meant to be. The Canary Islands are so over populated with tourists settlements of the ugliest kind, and the bigger Islands like Tenerife and Gran Canaria, I heard the same of Lanzarote, are destroyed landscape wise. Well, this is not the case with “El Hierro”, they want to keep it rural, ecological and non touristic, which is really the case and should stay like this. The whole island consists of one single half sunken volcano, and breathes the authentic atmosphere of the wild elemental forces of sun, a really outrageously wild ocean and the volcanic landscape and vegetation. The beaches are also wild and not un dangerous, so its not wise to ho there with toddlers. In any case it was a very remarkable holiday, I guess the pictures will show

El Hierro 1

el hierro 2

el hierr0 3

el hierro 4

el hierro 5

el hierro 6

el hierro 7

Back in Berlin then, I could enjoy the gifts and benefits of a really amazingly warm and beautiful October (still is!) As this pictures show, Berlin is full of amazing nature, in the middle of the city:








Hello my dear readers, I don´t know if there are any of you, I have not got much feedback lately, but then again, I have not blogged much also.

As an artist who works in the media and is related to the thing called “Zeitgeist”, I am supposed to orientate on what is felt by me, to be coming, or the “next thing”, and I was always  good at this, possibly because me astrological sign is Aquarius, who is said to always be with one foot in the future. Why is that? Maybe because the thing called “Zeitgeist” is my friend and also maybe it´s just a random talent, just like others have a talent for playing an instrument or repairing cars, which is none of my talents I must admit.

Anyway, I´ve been thinking, or lets rather say, holding my nose against the “wind of time”, and I “smell” a couple of things coming on strong. I don´t know if they will be part of the mainstream in the end, like every new trend lands there sooner or later mostly, but they will gain influence to my view. The industry in Germany is mostly very late with catching this stuff, often they get it when it´s late mainstream already or almost over. That´s why platforms like “etsy”, “society6″,  “dawanda” and others are that successful, there is a direct connection between the artists and the consumer without any long circuit.

The first trend from my view, I want to introduce (and lets see in 1-2 years if I was right) I called “new values from old heroes.

Step back to jump into the future 72dpi

As we are in a giant retrospective wave for like 15 years now, where every trend, movement and style of the past 20th century was revisited and picked up (not all of them at once of course), this retrospective Wave will go on, splash over even into the End of the 19th century a bit, and will gain depth. I mean with that, that the retrospective will on the one hand make use of the looks and the surface of the things picked, but also take a close look to the ideas and the intellectual meanings behind these phenomenons.

Why is this big retrospective wave happening at all? Well, in the past decades the developments of all kind, but in the first place the technological ones (computer and internet revolution took place a “minute” ago) have taken the people on a  head spinning, dizzy making roller coaster ride, especially the ones of us who were not born into this and called the “digital natives”. In the many centuries that are behind, things did not go fast at all, people had lots of  time to catch up, get used to and adept to it. Not in the last 20 years though, the revolutionary developments have gone head over heals and have left people breathless and overwhelmed, also fascinated and rattled.

It is no wonder that we are looking back into the gone by century and its phenomenons, we need to digest everything that has happened, to analyse and to examine it, before we can go on. Also the values are in the spotlight here: what values did we have, what was good and worth keeping, what do we miss now. The Retro wave is very much about values, especially because they are shifting and getting  lost and missed. The Retro wave is a clinging to something that´s over, but is not redundant, on the contrary, it is needed and at the same time a clear sign of protest and an obvious refusal of what is served to us as new and seasonable. it is also an expression of a longing to cherish what we had, even more when its over now. With this we try to hold on the racing time machine in which we are sitting and to linger on in the cozy  bliss of the pre-digital era.

So my forecast on the tabloid shows, that there will be a huge intellectual input from the thinkers and heroes of the gone by century, and even  prior. The ideas, thoughts and achievements of the pioneers of the modern time, the masterminds, revolutionaries and scientists will have a revival, and will show up as an intellectualization of fashion and lifestyle. This will be the logical defiant respond to all the superficial phenomena of our time, the lack of meaning and content behind the flood of shiny pictures, shown to us by the media.

It is the “revival of meaning” also, and as every trend tends to emphasize, to compensate the excess of the phenotype it came to replace, it will be very much “nerdy and geek”, but also  old school with aplomb, as a sign and statement for an other lifestyle, one that is even more far away from the superficial shiny world of blank pictures, then the retro wave is now. The color palette, as you see above, is dark, serious and pre-industrialized, with the only exception of the signal protest colors of the protest posters, that will gain influence too. People will dress out of old thrift stores, in old fabrics and wool, wear glasses and read old forgotten books out of  antiquarian book shops. We will have vintage watches (if at all), vintage cameras and will listen to old crackling jazz records. We will admire( black )idols of protest and will become more political.

To drop some names: Mark Twain,Nikola Testla, Angela Davis, Percey Shelley, Simone de Beauvoir, Joan Baez, Albert Camus, Jean Paul Sartre, Duke Ellington etc etc


the next trend I worked out I called “Rebels of time”. I will introduce it to you soon.


please note that all this comes out of my head, I am not claiming to be right at all.

I noticed that I have not been blogging very much lately, except for the monthly desktops. Well, what have I been doing? I took a lot of photographs this summer, and I must say I enjoy it. This spring I have been on a big journey to the Balkans, for the Dutch ” Flow Magazine”, where I took all the photographs and did write the text also. I have been a journalist in my early years, while I was on high school already, writing articles for the local newspaper. Later I worked for a Berlin weekly paper, that was quite political in its focus, and also for a big paper in Berlin and a Berlin lifestyle magazine. So I am quite experienced in this field, even later on I decided to carry on with illustration, and as I am  self thought, it took me a while to “get there”. The thing with the photographs is quite new for me, but I guess I an doing quite okay, at least no one has complained till now ;)




once, being used to the non stop photographing, which I had to do during  the whole Balkans trip, I could not stop it any more, so this summer I was making picture, after picture. I documented the whole summer, which looks like is over now, as it was raining cats and dogs all day.

An other thing that happened, is that I have finally arrived in my own home town, after having had success in many other places, but never here. The Berlin publisher “Skowronski  & Koch” has a wide range of my postcards on the market now, and all I can say is: I am very happy with it, and also with the quality.


“Skowronsky & Koch” has asked me to create some cards with numbers for birthdays, so I have been doing this in the last week, also I did some illustrated Berlin cards for them:

From Berlin With Love 72 dpi

and finally today, I did a fun peace for myself:

nice pear small

so thats it, shortly said. xxx Elisandra

I want to summer to last longer, so my September desktops fell out very summery, so not at all in the spirit of autumn.

So enjoy the beautiful flowers and remember: this is for your private use only



Desktop September 13  1080 x 1050


Desktop September 13  1600 x 1200

Desktop September 13 1600 x 1200.jpg

Desktop September 13  2048 x 1536

Desktop September 13 2048 x 1536.jpg

Desktop September 13 1280 x 1024Desktop September 13 1280 x 1024

Desktop September 13 1280 x 1024

Desktop September 13 1920 x 1200

Desktop September 13 1920 x 1200.jpg

Desktop September 13 ipad

Desktop September 13 ipad.jpg

Desktop September13 800 x 600

Desktop September13 800 x 600.jpg

DesktopSeptember 13 1856 x 1392

DesktopSeptember 13 1856 x 1392.jpg

I´m a bit in delay, but here they are, my free downloadable August desktop calenders

Jutt right click, download, install and enjoy :)

And enjoy the summer

Gerade noch rechtzeitig, meine Desktop Calender für August! Rechts clicken, installieren und viel Spass damit!

Desktop Agust l 13  1600 x 1200

Desktop August 13 ipad

August 13 ipad


1600 x 1200

Desktop August 13  1080 x 1050

1080 x 1050

Desktop August 13  1600 x 1200

1600 x 1200.jpg

Desktop August 13  2048 x 1536

2048 x 1536

Desktop August 13 800 x 600

2048 x 1536

Desktop August 13 1280 x 1024

1280 x 1024

Desktop August 13 1856 x 1392

1856 x 1392

Desktop August 13 1920 x 1200

1920 x 1200

As some of you might know, I am drawing this little girl character since a whole while now, since 2010 to be honest. In the beginning it was a pale idea, but after a while Emma´s Character, world, friends, family and life became a picture that got more colorful over the past 3 years. Needless to say that Emma is my child alter ego.

It was a big help while developing the “Emma world” that I could share my vision with Christian Heijmann, who last year agreed to write the Emma stories. Christian and I where sitting a lot together and phantasizing about the world Emma lives in (it is placed somewhere in the undefined near past, maybe the 70ies, but its not important when exactly ) the funny characters, her adventures. It opened a whole forgotten world of past childhood to us and is a lot of fun still. Emma, the little girl  came and she charmed our life!

Meanwhile, I have finished a whole bunch of Emma pictures and Christian has written a few stories with Emma. Since a couple of weeks he started an Emma Blog, in German.


Last year, surprisingly, the Weingarten Verlag asked me to make an Emma Kalender, which is sold from this spring on for 2014:




This year they asked again, so I was really busy in the last 2 weeks. This new Calender will be for 2015.

Till now I have finished 11 pictures, so one more to go now!

Emma Kalender 2015

Wie viele von euch vielleicht wissen, bin ich seit 2010 schon mit dem erfundenen Kindercharakter Emma beschäftigt. Zunächst war Emma nur ein blasses Bild in meiner Phantasie, doch bald schon bekam sie Konturen, Züge und Farben.  Das kleine freche Ding ist mein eigenes Kindheits Alter Ego, das Kind in mir das noch immer da ist im Innersten.

Bei der Entstehung der Emma Welt war mir Christian Heijmann sehr behilflich. Seit dem vorigen Jahr schreibt er die Emma Geschichten, die hoffentlich bald als Bücher herauskommen werden. Zusammen haben wir die Charäktere und die Menschen und Tiere  Leben eingehaucht, uns ausgemalt wie Emma lebt, bis sie tatsächlich eines Tages mehr war als blosses Hirngespinnst. Auch Christian wurde durch Emma verzaubert, sie öffnete für ihn die alten, längst geschlossenen Schatztruhen seiner Kindheit und bezauberte sein Leben mit Geschichten.

Christian betreibt seit einigen Wochen den Emma blog, in dem er kleine Einblicke in Emmas Leben gewährt.


 Ich hatte letztes Jahr das Glück für den Weingarten Verlag einen Emma Kalender machen zudürfen, der jetzt im Handel ist. Gerade sitze ich am 2 Emmakalender. Elf von 12 Bildern sind schon fertig…